It is a very eye-catching photo in which . What makes this picture extraordinary is , which clearly indicates .

The sense of that permeates this picture is representative of , that is, , and therefore, . China, in particular, . The effect of such communication can be best exemplified by .

While people belong to nations, cultures know no boundary. is not only featured by , but more importantly, by . I firmly believe that is contributing, and will contribute more to the world’s peace, development, and prosperity.

What is presented here is a very interesting scenario. . From the subtitle we can infer that . Conspicuously, .

We can deduce from the picture that . It partly owes to , and partly to . Except the case reflected in the picture, there are numerous evidence demonstrating . For example, .

From a personal point of view, I am delighted to witness . To sum up, . As for China, . Therefore, I can firmly conclude that in the long run, cultural exchanges will contribute to a flourishing Chinese and global economy, as well as diversified cultures.

As the title indicates, “ ”, the set of pictures apparently reminds us that . It is discernable that .

The drawing virtually reminds its audience a widespread phenomenon existing negatively in the area of basic education in China, that is, . That is to say, . Such a practice is very harmful in terms of the following aspects. Firstly, . Secondly, . Last but not the least, .

In my point of view, , but it is only part of the picture. On the other hand, . Therefore, it is an urgent task to . As children are the future of our nation, creating a good environment for their upbringing means creating a bright and promising future for our nation.

The picture shows . symbolizes . As is quoted in the picture, .

It apparently mirrors an increasingly common social phenomenon in China— in contrast with . One the one hand, the problem partially attributes to . Sometimes . On the other hand, . For example, , while .

In my opinion, the government needs to launch a reform in the education system with measures that can show immediate effect. proves to be most beneficial to students. Further, a large-scale reform in the macroeconomic level to is the basic solution of this issue.

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